Cheat death

I have seen that there have been a few stories floating around in biking forum that I frequent, XBHP So I thought I’ll try my hand at one, hence this story. A note before you start: My knowledge on a lot of subjects touched upon in this story is very limited, so it might contain factual errors, bear in mind that this is just an imaginary story.

I was lying in my bed, trying to sleep. It was 11:30 and well past my bed time. But that fateful night, sleep was evading me, my newest possession was luring my id out of the bed. A strong urge confined somewhere deep inside of me was pulling me out of my bed. It didnt take long before it actually pulled me off my bed and into my garage. There stood my shiny new bike. The latest offering from yamaha, the R0.

I had only been riding her in and around the local roads and on the scenic roads surrounding the swiss alps, never on one of the autobahns. My adrenalin starved head was hell bent on experiencing her top whack that night, where better to do it than autobahn which puts absolutely no limits the speed you want to travel at. I opened my garage door, a gust of chilly air hit my face. I quickly slipped into my leather gear and my helmet, and rode out. It took an hour’s slow drive to enter the autobahn to munich.

My pulse raced as I entered the expressway for it was my first time there. I revved my yamaha engine as she roared on, and we were doing 221 kmph before long. It was as though the whole of world around me had faded to oblivion, it was as though the bike and I were one, It felt as if I was mounted on a bike that stood still as the autobahn tarmac whizzed past. All I could see was a straight line of a smooth tar basking in the yellow light of neon lamps.

I was savouring every moment of this blissful journey as a pusa flew past me. There was a bit of throttle left to be twisted on my machine which I now used to speed up. I sped fast enough to catch up with the pusa’s tail. Her rider was different. He seemed lean, almost feminine. The pusa now slowed down and my bike raced past her, the pusa again caught up with me and and overtook me, it again slowed down. This time I slowed down with it. The pusa progressively slowed down to almost 60kmph. This was testing my patience, but some voice in my head was telling me to follow its lead, so I did.

And within a minute I could see the reason why the pusa had urged me to slow down. A huge autobahn repair truck with all its warning signs blinking was standing bang in the middle of the high speed lane. At 220kmph I would have had no hope of survival. By the time I noticed the truck and jammed the brake, I would have been history. This very neatly maintained expressway had broken down! There was a diversion request in place. Although it is illegal to stop in autobahn, I entered the emergency lane and stopped, and so did the pusa.

The rider of the pusa removed his helmet carefully. As the helmet went up, locks of dark hair came waving down. It was a girl riding the pusa! Her dark hazel eyes in the full tan face were oozing empathy. It took a minute before my mouth would react to my brains commands. I thanked the lady who had saved me profusely, she said nothing but just gave a nod and a smile; after which she rode away, leaving me dazed. I tried to catch up with pusa, but this time it proved to be too fast for me. Tired, I turned back and headed home.

When in my house, I sat back on a couch and turned on the TV. Tears rolled down my cheek as the news reporter was telling in German: “In other news, the Indian steel millionaire’s daughter was killed in a freak motorbike accident at 10:30 tonight. She hit a repair truck at around 200kmph and died on spot”…..

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