We are like that only

I guess adding “only” for emphasis is part of Indian English. I think we have this emphasis adding words in all Indian languages. Hence it probably is part of the way we think.

Are you coming to the class?
Yeah! I am going there only!

Where do you get this biscuit?
In the same shop only!

Is there any other way to express the same emphasis in English? Or is it like this only?

4 thoughts on “We are like that only

  1. Interesting observation. I think “Just” is a possible replacement for “Only”.

    We are just like this.
    instead of
    We are like this only.

    See this link for more mistakes done in Indian English.

  2. ppl in karnataka ( south india in general) do translate the mother tongue language to english ….for eg my room mate Deeraj used say ” what all oh telling ” ennelo yelthane” …. coming coming ,,,,

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